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Support Our Missions – Donate to New Generation Foundation

Thank you for considering a tax deductible donation to New Generation Foundation. Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. You can make your donation in one of three ways: by check, credit card or PayPal, or by in-kind donation of vehicles or aircraft.

Donate by check

Donate via a check payable to New Generation Foundation – mailed to:

New Generation Foundation
Box 50
1700 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

To better enable us to provide you with an appropriate donation receipt, please download and print our contribution form, fill it out and enclose it with your check.

Donate by credit card or PayPal

Donate online via credit card or PayPal – click on the button below to go to our secure payment processing page.

NOTE: The button above takes you to a secure donation site, where you will see a page like that shown below, and will be given a choice of payment method – no PayPal account is required for credit card contributions. After making your contribution, you will receive a receipt via e-mail directly from PayPal, which is providing our credit card processing.

In-Kind Donations of Vehicles or Aircraft

To discuss a tax-deductible in-kind donation of a vehicle or aircraft to support our African Medical Mission, please contact us by email. We have substantial experience in receiving vehicle and aircraft donations and will assist you with the required IRS (and FAA) paperwork to realize the tax benefits of an in-kind vehicle or aircraft donation.